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Articles currently in preparation

Vortex formation at smooth viscosity transition
Regály, Zs.; Tarczay-Nehéz, D.; Kadam, K.

Articles in press

On the evolution of vortex in locally isothermal self-gravitating discs: a parameter study
Tarczay-Nehéz, D.; Rozgonyi, K.; Regály, Zs.

Published refereed articles


Self-Sustaining Vortices in Protoplanetary Disks: Setting the Stage for Planetary System Formation
Regály, Zs.; Kadan, K.; Dulemond C. P.
MNRAS 2021MNRAS.506.2685R arXiv:2106.14047

Increased isolation mass for pebble accreting planetary cores in pressure maxima of protoplanetary discs
Sándor, Zs. & Regály, Zs.
MNRAS Letter, Volume 503, L67 2021MNRAS.503L..67S arXiv:2103.01316

Oligarchic growth in a fully interacting system
Dencs, Z. & Regály, Zs.
A&A, Volume 645, 65 2021A%26A...645A..65D arXiv:2012.07683


Torques felt by solid accreting planets
Regály, Zs.
MNRAS, Volume 497, 5540 2020MNRAS.497.5540R arXiv:2007.11072

Global Protoplanetary Disk Simulations: Dead Zone Formation and FUor Outbursts
Kadam, K.; Vorobyov, E.; Regály, Zs.; Kóspál, Á.; Ábráham, P.
ApJ, Volume 895, 15 2020ApJ...895...41K arXiv:2005.03578

On the vortex evolution in non-isothermal protoplanetary discs
Tarczay-Nehéz, D.; Regály, Zs; Vorobyov, E.
MNRAS, Volume 493, 3014 2020MNRAS.493.3014T arXiv:2002.02203


Dynamical Gaseous Rings in Global Simulations of Protoplanetary Disk Formation
Kadam, K.; Vorobyov, E.; Regály, Zs.; Kóspál, Á.; Ábrahám, P.
ApJ, Volume 882, 96 2019ApJ...882...96K arXiv:1908.02515

Water delivery to the TRAPPIST-1 planets
Dencs, Z. & Regály, Zs
MNRAS, Volume 487, 2191 2019MNRAS.487.2191D arXiv:1905.11298


Dynamics of Haumea's dust ring
Kovács T. & Regály, Zs.
MNRAS, Volume 479, 4560 2018MNRAS.479.4560K arXiv:1807.01904

On the cavity of a debris disc carved by a giant planet
Regály, Zs.; Dencs, Z.; Moór, A.; Kovács, T.
MNRAS, Volume 473, 3547 2018MNRAS.473.3547R arXiv:1710.01524


Interpreting Brightness Asymmetries in Transitional Disks
Vortex at Dead Zone or Planet Carved Gap Edges?

Regály, Zs.; Juhász, A.; D. Nehéz
ApJ Volume 871, 89 2017ApJ...851...89R arXiv:171103548R

Vortex stretching in self-gravitating protoplanetary discs
Regály, Zs.; E. Vorobyov (2017)
MNRAS, Volume 471, 2204 2017MNRAS.471.2204R arXiv:1709.08334

The circumstellar disk response to the motion of the host star
Regály, Zs.; E., Vorobyov (2017)
A&A Volume 601, 24 2017A&A...601A..24R arXiv:170104751R

A gas density drop in the inner 6 AU of the transition disk around the Herbig Ae star HD 139614:
Further evidence for a giant planet inside the disk?

Carmona, A.; Thi, W.F.; Kamp, I.; Baruteau, C.; Matter, A.; van den Ancker, M.; Pinte, C.; Kóspaál, Á.; Audard, M.; Liebhart, A.; Sicilia-Aguilar, A.; Pinilla, P.; Regály, Zs.; Güdel, M.; Henning, Th.; Cieza, L.A.; Baldovin-Saavedra1, C.; Meeus, G.; Eiroa, C. (2017)
A&A Volume 598, 118 ADS:2017A&A...598A.118C arXiv:1609.06708


Planet Formation Imager (PFI): science vision and key requirements
Kraus et al. (2016)
Proceedings of SPIE 2016 ADS:2016SPIE.9907E..1KK arXiv:1608.00578

An alternative model for the origin of gaps in circumstellar disks
Vorobyov, E. I.; Regály, Zs.; Guedel, M; Lin, D. N. C. (2016)
A&A Volume 587, 146 ADS:2016A&6A...587A.146V arXiv:1601.08089


Chaotic Transients and Fractal Structures in Planetary Feeding Zones: An Extended Formula to the Isolation Mass
Kovács, T.; Regály Zs. (2015)
ApJL Volume 798, 9 ADS:2015ApJ...798L...9K arXiv:1412.1510


Planet-vortex interaction: How a vortex can shepherd a planetary embryo
Ataiee, S; Dullemond, C.P.; Kley, W.; Regály, Zs.; Meheut, H. (2014)
A&A Volume 572, 61 ADS:2014A&A...572A..61A arXiv:1410.0132

Examining young stellar systems in birth by high angular resolution observations
Csépány, G.; Ábrahám, P.; Regály, Zs.; Mező, Gy.; Brandner, W.; Hormuth, F. (2014)
Contributions of the Astronomical Observatory Skalnaté Pleso, vol. 43, no. 3, p. 425-426 ADS:2014CoSka..43..425C

Asymmetric ro-vibrational CO lines as a sign of an embedded giant-planet
Regály, Zs.; Király, S.; Kiss, L. L. (2014)
ApJ Volume 785, 31 ADS:2014ApJ...785L..31R arXiv:1403.2539


Hunting for binary Cepheids using the “lucky imaging” technique
Klagyivik, P.; Szabados L.; Szing A.; Regály, Zs. (2013)
AN Volume 334, 988 asna.201211977

The Fly's Eye Camera System - an instrument design for large étendue time-domain survey
Pál, A.; Mészáros, L.; Csépány, G.; Jaskó, A,; Schlaffer, F.; Vida, K.; Mező, Gy.; Döbrentei, L.; Farkas, E.; Kiss, Cs.; Oláh, K.; Regály, Zs., (2013)
AN Volume 334, 932 asna.201211962; arXiv:1306.6564

Trapping of giant-planet cores - I. Vortex aided trapping at the outer dead zone edge
Regály, Zs.; Sándor, Zs.; Csomos, P.; Ataiee, S. (2013)
MNRAS Volume 433, 2626 ADS:2013MNRAS.433.2626; arXiv:1305.5676

Comprehensive time series analysis of the transiting extrasolar planet WASP-33b
Kovács, G.; Kovács, T.; Hartman, J. D.; Bakos, G. Á.; Bieryla, A.; Latham, D.; Noyes, R. W.; Regály, Zs.; Esquerdo, G. A. (2013)
A&A Volume 553, 44 ADS:2013A&A…553A..44K; arXiv:1205.5060


Possible planet-forming regions on submillimetre images
Regály, Zs.; Juhász, A.; Sándor, Zs.; Dullemond, C. P. (2012)
MNRAS Volume 419, 1701 ADS:2012MNRAS.419.1701R; arXiv:1109.6177

The 2008 Outburst of EX Lup—Silicate Crystals in Motion
Juhász, A.; Dullemond, C. P.; van Boekel, R.; Bouwman, J.; Ábrahám, P.; Acosta-Pulido, J. A.; Henning, Th.; Kóspál, A.; Sicilia-Aguilar, A.; Jones, A.; Moór, A.; Mosoni, L.; Regály, Zs.; Szokoly, Gy.; Sipos, N. (2012)
ApJ Volume 744, 118 ADS:2012ApJ...744..118J; arXiv:1110.3754


Asymmetric Transit Curves as Indication of Orbital Obliquity: Clues from the Late-type Dwarf Companion in KOI-13
Szabó, Gy. M.; Szabó, R.; Benkő, J. M.; Lehmann, H.; Mező, Gy.; Simon, A. E.; Kővári, Zs.; Hodosán, G.; Regály, Zs.; Kiss, L. L. (2011)
ApJ Volume 736, 4 ADS:2011ApJ...736L...4S; arXiv:1105.2524

Near-infrared Spectroscopy of EX Lupi in Outburst
Kóspál, Á.; Ábrahám, P.; Goto, M.; Regály, Zs.; Dullemond, C. P.; Henning, Th.; Juhász, A.; Sicilia-Aguilar, A.; van den Ancker, M. (2011)
ApJ Volume 736, 72 ADS:2011ApJ...736...72K; arXiv:1105.1287

Periodicity search as a tool for disentangling the contaminated colour light curve of CoRoT 102781750
Paparó, M.; Chadid, M.; Chapellier, E.; Benkő, J. M.; Szabó, R.; Kolenberg, K.; Guggenberger, E.; Regály, Zs.; Auvergne, M.; Baglin, A.; Weiss, W. W. (2011)
A&A Volume 531, 135 ADS:2011A&A…531A.135P

Transit timing variations in the HAT-P-13 planetary system
Pál, A.; Sárneczky, K.; Szabó, Gy. M.; Szing, A.; Kiss, L. L.; Mező, Gy.; Regály, Zs. (2011)
MNRAS Letters, Volume 413, 43 ADS:2011MNRAS.413L..43P; arXiv:1102.0525

A Peculiar Young Eruptive Star in the Dark Cloud Lynds 1340
Kun, M.; Szegedi-Elek, E.; Moór, A.; Ábrahám, P.; Acosta-Pulido, J. A.; Apai, D.; Kelemen, J.; Pál, A.; Rácz, M.; Regály, Zs.; Szakáts, R.; Szalai, N.; Szing, A. (2011)
ApJ Volume 733, 8 2011ApJ...733L...8K; arXiv:1104.2428

Spectral signatures of disk eccentricity in young binary systems. I. Circumprimary case
Regály, Zs.; Sándor, Zs.; Dullemond, C. P.; Kiss, L. L. (2011)
A&A Volume 528, 93 ADS:2011A&A...528A..93R; arXiv:1101.1820

Fundamental Vibrational Transition of CO During the Outburst of EX Lupi in 2008
Goto, M.; Regály, Zs.; Dullemond, C. P.; van den Ancker, M.; Brown, J. M.; Carmona, A.; Pontoppidan, K.; Ábrahám, P.; Blake, G. A.; Fedele, D.; Henning, Th.; Juhász, A.; Kóspál, Á.; Mosoni, L.; Sicilia-Aguilar, A.; Terada, H.; van Boekel, R.; van Dishoeck, E. F.; Usuda, T. (2011)
Apj Volume 728, 13 ADS:2011ApJ...728....5G arXiv:1012.5301


A multi-site campaign to detect the transit of the second planet in HAT-P-13
Szabó, Gy. M.; Kiss, L. L.; Benkő, J. M.; Mező, Gy.; Nuspl, J.; Regály, Zs.; Sárneczky, K.; Simon, A. E.; Leto, G.; Zanmar Sanchez, R.; Ngeow, C.-C.; Kővári, Zs.; Szabó, R. (2010)
A&A Volume 523, 84 ADS:2010A&A…523A..84S; arXiv:1009.3598

Detectability of giant planets in protoplanetary disks by CO emission lines
Regály, Zs.; Sándor, Zs.; Dullemond, C. P.; van Boekel, R. (2010)
A&A Volume 523, 69 ADS:2010A&A…523A..69R; arXiv:1007.2169


Tidal and rotational effects in the perturbations of hierarchical triple stellar systems. II. Eccentric systems - the case of AS Camelopardalis
Borkovits, T.; Forgács-Dajka, E.; Regály, Zs. (2007)
A&A Volume 473, 191 ADS:2007A&A...473..191B; arXiv:0707.1590


A possible interrelation between the estimated luminosity distances and internal extinctions of type Ia supernovae
Balázs, L. G.; Hetesi, Zs.; Regály, Zs.; Csizmadia, Sz.; Bagoly, Zs.; Horváth, I.; Mészáros, A. (2006)
AN Volume 327, 917; ADS:2006AN....327..917B; arXiv:astro-ph/0607369


Tidal and rotational effects in the perturbations of hierarchical triple stellar systems. I. Numerical model and a test application for Algol
Borkovits, T.; Forgács-Dajka, E.; Regály, Zs. (2004)
A&A Volume 426, 951 ADS:2004A&A...426..951B

Conference series

The Fly's Eye Camera System: An Instrument Design for Large Étendue Time Domain Surveys
Csépány, G.; Pál, A.; Vida, K.; Regály, Z.; Mészáros, L.; Oláh, K.; Kiss, C.; Döbrentei, L.; Jaskó, A.; Mezõ, G.; Farkas, E. (2013)
ASPC XXII. Proceedings of a Conference held at University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois, USA 4-8 November 2012. San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2013, 369 ADS:2013ASPC..475..369C

Asymmetric Transit Curves as Indication of Orbital Obliquity: Clues from the Brown Dwarf Companion in KOI-13
Szabó, G. M.; Szabó, R.; Benkö, J. M.; Lehmann, H.; Mezö, G.; Simon, A. E.; Kövári, Z.; Hodosán, G.; Regály, Z.; Kiss, L. L. (2012)
IAU Symposium Volume 282, 139 ADS:2012IAUS..282..139S

Practical suggestions on detecting exomoons in exoplanet transit light curves
Szabó, Gy. M.; Simon, A. E.; Kiss, L. L.; Regály, Zs. (2011)
IAU Symposium Volume 276, 556 ADS:2011IAUS..276..556S; arXiv:1012.1560

High-resolution spectroscopic view of planet formation sites
Regály, Zs.; Kiss, L.; Sándor, Zs.; Dullemond, C. P. (2011)
IAU Symposium Volume 276, 50 2011IAUS..276...50R; arXiv:1011.2411

The combined effect of the perturbations of a third star and the tidally forced apsidal motion on the O--C curve of eccentric binaries
Borkovits, T.; Forgács-Dajka, E.; Regály, Zs. (2005)
ASP Conference Series Volume 333, 128 ADS:2005ASPC..333..128B

Non-refereed publications

A New Interpretation of Drake-Equation
Hetesi, Zs.; Regály, Zs. (2006)
JBIS Volume 59, 11 ADS:2006JBIS...59...11H

Old questions reassessed by modern cosmology and astrobiology
Hetesi, Zs.; Regály, Zs. (2004)
ISBN 963 463 557 Volume 14, 251 ADS:2004PADEU..14..251H;

General Purpose Hydrodynamic Code
Regály, Zs (2004)
PADEU Volume 14. 195 ADS:2004PADEU..14..195R

Numerical Modelling of SN Type II
Regály, Zs (2001) PADEU Volume 11, 95 ADS:2001PADEU..11...95R

Scientific dissemination (in hungarian)

Több mint égen a csillag I
Regály, Zs (2015) Fizikai szemle, 2015, Július Fizikai szemle 2015/7

Több mint égen a csillag II
Regály, Zs (2015) Fizikai szemle, 2015, Szeptember Fizikai szemle 2015/9

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