Robert Szabo

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Róbert Szabó


birth: 1975
nationality: Hungarian
Married, three children: Nimród 2004, Noah 2006, Leilani 2009

Professional experiences:

Theoretical work:

- multidimensional hydrodynamical modeling of radial and nonradial stellar pulsations
- modeling of double-mode radial pulsation
- exploring the connection between pulsation and evolution
- stellar evolution, population synthesis

Observational work:

- CCD-photometry of low amplitude pulsating variable stars
- photometry of variable stars in open and globular clusters
- time-series and crowded-field photometry
- photometry of extragalactic supernovae
- space-based photometry and data analysis (CoRoT, Kepler/K2, TESS)
- involvement in future ESA space projects (PLATO, ARIEL)

Teaching experiences:

- Astrophysics
- Pulsation theory
- Digital image processing and CCD photometry
- Astronomical instrumentation
- Space photometry
- Exoplanets

Editorial experiences:

- Chief Editor of the Information Bulletin on Variable Stars (IBVS) 2012-2013
- Member of the Editorial Board of the IBVS 2012-2016
- Associate Editor, Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences, Exoplanets


2008: Communication of Science and Management of Research training at Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2004: PhD in Astrophysics: Numerical modeling of the RR Lyrae instabiliy strip, Supervisor: Z. Kolláth

1998-2002: PhD student at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Particle Physics and Astronomy Program

1998: MSc in Astronomy: Pulsating variable stars in open clusters, Supervisor: J. Nuspl

1993-1998 university: Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Astronomy, Mathematics & Physics

1989-1993 high school: Bródy Imre Gimnázium, Ajka


2022- Deputy Director General, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Science, Hungary

2019- Director, Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, Hungary

2019 Interim Director, Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, Hungary

2016- 2019 Deputy Director, Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, Hungary

2016-2019 Scientific secretary, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Science, Hungary

2018- Research advisor, Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, Hungary

2012-2018 Senior research fellow, Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, Hungary

2010 Scientific secretary, Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, Hungary

2007- Research fellow, Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, Hungary

2005-2007 Postdoctoral fellowship University of Florida, Physics Department, Gainesville, FL, USA

2001-2005 Research fellow, Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, Hungary

1998-2001 Assistant research fellow, Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, Hungary


English - proficient
French - intermediate level

Programming languages:

FORTRAN, Python, C, Tcl/Tk, awk, shell scripts, PHP, HTML

Computer skills:

Linux, Unix, OSX, Windows, IRAF, MatLab, Mathematica, LaTeX, supercomputers

Professional visits:

2023, March, Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain, 1 week

2013, April, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, Boston, MA, USA, 3 weeks

2012, November, University of Sydney, School of Physics, Sydney, Australia, 1 month

2011, October, Asteroseismology in the Space Age program, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, 3 weeks

2011, July-August, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, Boston, MA, USA, 1 month

2010, December, NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA, USA, 1 week

2009, September, Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur, Nice, France, 1 week

2000, March-April, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA, 1 month

Conferences, meetings:

2024, April, Tartu, Estonia, Ariel Consortium Meeting

2024, April, Marrakesch, Morocco (online), African Astronomical Society (Afas) 2024 conference

2024, April, Ajdovščina, Slovenia, SNN OTKA workshop

2023, October, Budapest, Hungary, Ariel Consortium Meeting

2023, September, Porec, Croatia, LSST@EU5 meeting: Towards LSST science, together!

2023, July, Lund, Sweden, Gaia NIR MW-Gaia meeting, Science and technology roadmap for μas studies of the Milky Way

2023, May, Barcelona, Spain, EVS 5th conference, European Variable Star meeting

2023, April, Budapest, Hungary, IAU Symposium No. 376 on period-luminosity relations

2022, October, Rome, Italy, LSST@EU4 conference, hybrid

2022, October, Plitvice, Croatia, 2nd Plitvice Regional LSST workshop

2022, September, La Palma, Spain, RRL/CEP2022 conference, Large-scale surveys as bridges between spectroscopy and photometry

2022, July, Leuven, Belgium, TASC6/KASC13 workshop, Asteroseismology in the Era of Surveys from Space and the Ground: Stars, Planets, and the Milky Way

2022, June, hybrid / Pasadena, CA, USA, RR Lyrae stars, Galactic Structure and Chemistry, to celebrate George W. Preston 90+ years

2022, June, hybrid / Budapest, Hungary, XII. Einstein Telescope Symposium

2021, November, hybrid / Budapest, Hungary, AIME2021, Artificial Intelligence Academia-Industry Matching Event

2021, October, virtual PLATO Mission Conference 2021

2021, August, virtual Atmo2021 workshop on planetary atmospheres

2021, August, virtual Rubin Obs. Project and Community Workshop

2021, August, virtual TESS Science Conference II

2021, June-July, virtual EAS meeting, SOC member

2021, June, Sydney, Australia / hybrid GALAH Science Meeting

2021, June, Estonia / virtual Ariel Consortium meeting

2021, June, Penn State / virtual Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy (SCMA) VII, session chair

2021, April, virtual LSSTC enabling science 2021 broker workshop

2021, April, virtual PLATO Week#11

2021, March, virtual Cool Stars 20.5 conference

2021, February, virtual STREAMS 21 workshop

2021, February, virtual Ariel Consortium meeting

2020, November-December, virtual PLATO ESP woskhop - session chair

2020, October, virtual LSSTC enabling science 2020 broker workshop

2020, October, Budapest, Hungary / virtual Ariel Consortium meeting

2020, August, virtual Rubin Obs. Project and Community Workshop

2020, July, virtual Exopplanets III conference

2020, July, virtual MOBSTER-1 conference

2020, June-July, Leiden, The Netherlands / virtual EAS meeting

2020, June, virtual SDSS Collaboration meeting

2020, May, virtual ARIEL Consortium meeting

2020, May, Budapest, Hungary / virtual PLATO Week#10

2020, January, Honolulu, HI, USA 235th AAS meeting

2019, October, Cloudcroft, NM, USA RRL/Cep2019 meeting, Frontiers in Classical Pulsators: Theory and Observations

2019, July, Barcelona, Spain WEAVE WoW Galactic Archeology meeting

2019, July, La Silla, Chile ESON Meeting

2019, April, Graz, Austria PLATO Week 8

2019, March, Bruxelles, Belgium COST Action MW-Gaia Management Committee meeting

2019, March, Glendale, CA, USA KeplerSciCon V conference

2018, December, Dublin, Ireland ARIEL Consortium meeting

2018, December, Brno, Czech Republic, 50th Conference on Variable Star Research

2018, November, Shanghai, China, The Life and Times of the Milky Way conference

2018, October, Lyon, France, LSST EuroDAC Meeting

2018, September, Napoli, Italy, WEAVE All-Hands Meeting

2018, September, Warsaw, Poland, ESO Workshop: A revolution in stellar physics with Gaia and large surveys

2018, August, Vienna, Austria, XXXth General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union

2018, July, Aarhus, Denmark, First light in a new era of astrophysics, TASC4/KASC11 conference

2018, June, Lyon, France, LSST@Europe3 conference

2018, May, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, PLATO Steering Committee meeting

2018, May, Prague, Czech Republic, ARIEL Consortium meeting

2017, December, Garching, Germany, ESO Science Outreach Network meeting

2017, November, Stellenbosch, South Africa, Southern Horizons in Time-Domain Astronomy, IAU Symposium 339

2017, September, Niepolomice, Poland, Revival of the classical pulsators: from Galactic Structure to Stellar Interior Diagnostics conference

2017, August, Tucson, AZ, USA, LSST project and community workshop

2016, November/December, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, Wide-field variability surveys: a 21-st century perspective

2016, September, Lake District, UK, Understanding the roles of rotation, pulsation and chemical peculiarities in the upper main sequence

2016, August, Szeged, Hungary, Hungarian Physicists' Assembly

2016, August, Budapest, Hungary, The XII Torino Workshop and IV CSFK Astromineralogy workshop

2016, July, Angra do Heorismo, Terceira-Azores, Portugal, KASC9/TASC2/ SPACEINN conference

2016, June, Belgrade, Serbia, LSST@Europe2 conference

2015, November, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, K2 Science Conference

2015, October, Budapest, Hungary, Missions to Habitable Worlds conference

2015, October, Visegrád, Hungary, High-precision studies of RR Lyrae stars: from dynamical phenomena to mapping the galactic structure, conference

2015, October, Porto, Portugal, Second SPACEINN Technical Review

2015, June, Aarhus, Denmark, Space asteroseismology: the next generation, the Kepler-TESS KASC8/TASC1 conference

2015, March, Freiburg, Germany, 3rd SPACEINN and 15th HELAS Board meeting

2014, December, Taormina, Italy, PLATO 2.0 Science Conference

2014, November, Paris, France, via videoconference, 4th PLATO Data Processing Algorithms - Working Group meeting

2014, July, Toulouse, France, The space photometry revolution, CoRoT Symposium 3 - Kepler KASC7 joint meeting

2014, May, Szombathely, Hungary, New challenges in astro- and environmental informatics in the Big Data era

2013, December, Vienna, Austria, MOST Science Team meeting

2013, November, Mountain View, CA, USA, Second Kepler Science Conference

2013, September, Galyatető, Hungary, Hungarian Astronomers' meeting

2013, August, Wroclaw, Poland, IAU Symposium 301, Precision Asteroseismology, invited speaker

2013, July, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, PLATO 2.0 Science Workshop

2013, February, Brussels, Belgium, SPACEINN Kick-off meeting

2012, September, Leuven, Belgium, Asteroseismology of large time-resolved astronomical surveys

2012, June, Balatonalmádi, Hungary, Fifth KASC Workshop: 'Extending the Kepler Mission: New Horizons in Asteroseismology', LOC chair, SOC member

2012, January, Florence, Italy, ECHO workshop

2011, October, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, The Impact of Asteroseismology across Stellar Astrophysics

2011, September, Granada, Spain, 20th Stellar Pulsation Conference Series: Impact of new instrumentation & new insights in stellar pulsations

2011, July, Boulder, Colorado, USA, Fourth KASC Workshop: 'From unprecedented data to revolutionary science', invited speaker, SOC member

2011, February, Berlin, Germany, PLATO Science Conference

2011, January, Aarhus, Denmark via videoconference, 9th KASC Steering Committee and 5th Working Groups Chairs' meeting

2010, November, Paris, France, PLATO Kick-off Meeting

2010, August, Pécs, Hungary, Hungarian Physicists' Assembly: 'New Lights in Physics',

2010, June, Aarhus, Denmark, Third Kepler Asteroseismology Workshop: 'Kepler Asteroseismology in Action', invited speaker, SOC member

2010, June, Aarhus, Denmark, 7th KASC Steering Committee and 4th Working Groups Chairs' meeting

2010, May, Cambridge, UK, 4th PLATO Data Center Meeting

2010, April, Aarhus, Denmark via videoconference, 6th KASC Steering Committee and 3rd Working Groups Chairs' meeting

2010, January, Aarhus, Denmark via videoconference, 5th KASC Steering Committee and 2nd Working Groups Chairs' meeting

2009, November, Nice, France, 2nd CoRoT RR Lyrae meeting

2009, October, Budapest, Hungary, Space Astronomy in Hungary

2009, October, Balatonlelle, Hungary, National Meeting of Hungarian Astronomers

2009, October, Aarhus, Denmark via videoconference KASC Steering Committee and Working Groups Chairs' meeting

2009, June, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, Stellar Pulsation: Challenges for Theory and Observation

2009, February, Paris, France, First International CoRoT Symposium

2008, June, Aarhus, Denmark, Second KASC workshop

2007, October, Orsay, France, First KASC (Kepler Asteroseismology Science Consortium) workshop

2007, July, Paris, France, Cepheid workshop: "The pulsation of Cepheids: Observation & Theory (Cassini project)"

2007, July, Paris, France, Nonlinear stellar hydrodynamics in honor of Robert Buchler's 65 birthday

2004, July, Kiel, Germany, 14th European Workshop on White Dwarfs

2004, February, Budapest, Hungary, British-Hungarian N+N Workshop for Young Researchers On Computer processing and use of satellite data in astronomy and astrophysics and 3rd Workshop of Young Researchers in Astronomy & Astrophysics

2003, August, Budapest, Hungary, JENAM, New Deal in European Astronomy: Trends and Perspectives

2002, January, Budapest, Hungary, 2nd Workshop of Young Researchers in Astronomy & Astrophysics

2001, July, Leuven, Belgium, IAU Colloquium 185, Radial and Nonradial Pulsations as Probes of Stellar Physics

2001, February, Hilo, Hawaii, USA, Astrophysical Ages and Time Scales

2000, November, Budapest, Hungary, 1st Workshop of Young Researchers in Astronomy & Astrophysics

1999, August, Baja, Hungary, International PhD Conference, ... A Bridge over Generations of Variable Star Researchers

1999, August, Budapest, Hungary, IAU Colloquium 176, The Impact of Large-Scale Surveys on Pulsating Star Research

1995, April, Baja, Hungary, Regional IAPPP (International Amateur-Professional Photoelectric Photometry) Meeting


Lendület grant of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2018-2023) Near-field cosmology with pulsating variable stars: a Petascale challenge, PI

NKFIH K-115709 (2015-2019) Investigation of dynamical phenomena with space telescopes in pulsating variable stars, Principal Investigator

Lendület grant of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2014-2019) PI: Maria Lugaro,Giant stars as drivers of cosmic chemistry, participant

KTIA URKUT_10-1-2011-0019 (2013-2014) Extending the asteroseismic program of the Kepler space telescope, Principal Investigator

FP7-Space (2013-2016) SPACEINN - Exploitation of Space Data for Innovative Helio- and Asteroseismology, Hungarian Coordinator

OTKA K-83790 (2011-2015) Stellar oscillation studies with the Kepler space telescope: the micromagnitude revolution, Principal Investigator

FP7 Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES) (2011-2014) Sounding stars with Kepler, Hungarian Coordinator

OTKA MB08C-81013 (2010-2013) Structure and evolution of multiple planetary systems, participant

Hungarian Academy of Sciences Young Researchers' International Conference travel grant (2010)

NKTH-MŰI grant for developing Hungarian space research (2010) The Kepler space mission, Principal Investigator

Lendület grant of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2009-) PI: László L. Kiss, Evolution of planetary systems around other stars, participant

Grant of the Ministry of Environment and Water and the Hungarian Space Office (MŰI) for developing Hungarian space research (2008-2009) Space physics with space instruments, participant

Hungarian State Eötvös Fellowship (2006)

OTKA T-038440 (2002-2005) Application of time-frequency and nonlinear reconstruction methods, participant

OTKA T-034615 (2001-2003) Physics of nova and supernova explosions, participant

OTKA T-026031 (1998-2001) Numerical modeling of nonlinear stellar pulsation, participant

Young researcher fellowship (1998-2001) Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Konkoly Observatory

Awards and decorations:

Researcher of the Year, Natural Sciences and Mathematics section - VEAB (2018)

Excellent Researcher - MTA CSFK (2017, 2018)

Physics Prize - Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Physics Section (2018)

Advisory Board of the Bolyai Janos Research Fellowship - Bolyai plaquette (2015)

Regional Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (VEAB) - bronze medallion (2015)

University of Sydney - International Research Collaboration Award (2012)

OTKA - Élet és Tudomány popular science paper contest - first prize (2011)

János Bolyai Research Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2011-2014)

Young Researcher Award of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2011)


TESS Asteroseismic Science Consortium (TESS)

PLATO Mission Consortium Board (PLATO)

International Astronomical Union (IAU)

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Kepler Asteroseismic Science Consortium (KASC)

European Helio- and Asteroseismology Network (HELAS)

Public Body of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS)

Hungarian Astronomical Association (HAA)